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Is There a Best Banker For Every Deal?

Yes, definitely. However, some clients see the best as the one they are comfortable with, maybe the committee's choice or perhaps the one "we always deal with". We see it a lot differently. For our clients only the best performer will be sufficient. The benchmark is performance not personality.

Almost every investment banking transaction presents opportunities for excellence. Given the fees and career impact the best of the best bankers are seldom disinterested, quite the contrary. But who are they?

TopGun bankers are those whose clients rate their execution as simply outstanding in every aspect, no matter how difficult the deal. We know them well because our partners debrief their clients when transactions close.

TopGun bankers see new issues as opportunities to strengthen shareholder bases and execute M&A deals with optimum efficiency. Our banker selection process matches entire TopGun banking groups with tough assignments and introduces co-advisors where a diversity of skills, insights and connections are required.

To have your banking group audited for performance, call a Brendan Wood Partner before your next deal.

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