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There has been a shift in the demands made on corporations by investors. The changes are substantial but subtle enough to leave most corporations uncertain about the relevance of traditional management and shareholder communication. Many are confused about what the new paradigm calls for. The individual stock has a much tougher time asserting itself amidst the blanket forces of fund portfolios and index investing. The investment world has gone macro and unless your company has experienced a big investment event it may find itself moving in a market/sector group or pack rather than trading on its individual merits.

There is also a more pervasive and long term trend affecting the individual corporation, namely the commoditization of brands, market share and even management. The more corporations are perceived as market share buyers and brand consolidators the less likely investors are to study them and conclude that they are individual cultures, communities or organizations. Rather investors see many large companies as nameless mega investors in their own right without any particular identity or organizational attributes beyond hard assets and inorganically acquired market share.

To stand out other than on the strength of a significant event, a CEO and management team need to be highly visible, committed for the long term, understandable, trusted and transparent. Given those stringent criteria, there are simply fewer management bets being made by investors.

In this new environment Brendan Wood delivers to boards and senior management two essential tools:

  1. Sharp "real time" intelligence on precisely what shareholders are thinking and doing in your sector(s) vis-à-vis your company and its competitors. Brendan Wood analysis cuts through the "noise" and focuses on exactly what is happening and why.
  2. New strategies, TopGun executives and director appointees who drive shareholder confidence when you need them.

BWI intelligence is essential to achieving "relevance" and managing shareholder confidence on its own terms in your shareholder franchise.


1) Allergan Inc.        959   Pharmaceuticals
2) Newcrest Mining Ltd  951   Mining
3) Vermilion Energy     943   Oil & Gas
4) AmBev                941   Food & Beverage
5) Samsung Electronics  934   Industrial Electronics
6) FedEx Corporation    931   Transportation
7) ARC Resources Ltd    921   Oil & Gas
8) United Technologies  910   Aerospace/Defense
9) Baytex Energy Corp   906   Oil & Gas
10) VISA International  905   Financial Services
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