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In the eyes of clients, financial services propositions and brands often replicate one another. It’s tough to intrigue new clients with a "me too" proposition.

Brendan Wood delivers a set of tools equal to that task, namely the "Voice of the Client" assessing your firm and its value proposition from the client perspective. This can be a watershed of creativity for managers of banks, brokerage houses and asset managers who are intent on redefining themselves in terms of greatest relevance to their clients.

Strategy and brand are particularly powerful when they are one and the same concept in people’s minds. To us the root of strategy is a value proposition and brand is the mantra, namely a picture or word in the customer or shareholder mind which communicates that proposition.

There are many misunderstandings about reputation and branding. The Brendan Wood team is a trusted advisor and referee. We create effective and constructive discussions, facilitating consensus decisions. Objectively the "Voice of the Client" or "Voice of the Shareholder" which Brendan Wood Partners bring to your meeting makes all the difference.

Check out our track record here.

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