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TopGun bankers, research, sales, and trading professionals and asset managers outperform their peers by multiples. As a group, TopGuns perform in the top 5% to 12% in their respective fields.  Surprisingly, TopGuns are cited by customers as the ultimate team players who place clients' interests first. TopGuns see problems as opportunities. Problem solving is another TopGun trait.

The Brendan Wood Agency represents TopGuns exclusively. If you have a performance gap and need a TopGun on your team call us. There are no retainers, no delays, no search and no conflicts.  We monitor TopGun performance worldwide client by client, deal by deal, trade by trade. That's precisely how we determine the accretive revenue a select TopGun will add to your franchise. You could be having breakfast with a TopGun tomorrow.

This year, Brendan Wood Partners, working closely with shareholders, nominated less than 70 TopGun CEO's in a field of 750 large cap corporations. In other words, highly impressive but less than 10%. TopGun CFO's, a similarly rare specie, are often partnered with TopGun CEO's. Many of the best bets for next CEO come from this group. However, it's more than a little disconcerting that the world's largest shareholders rate 90% of CEO's/ CFO's average or worse. All those executives were selected. By whom and how? Maybe a search committee, backed up by someone's favourite search firm, backed up by some "gut feel", a review of qualifications and you know the rest. The consensus interviewee won the day. But running a big business isn't about an interview, it's about outstanding performance from the shop floor to the annual meeting and everything in between. Chemistry and that gut feel run out of steam pretty quickly when you realize another mediocrity is playing coach to big business.

Brendan Wood is the world's best performance detective. We find the top producing CEO's, CFO's and Directors there are and represent them as agents. We may or may not have your TopGun but it would be smart to check with us before that committee convenes.

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